Managing the Minimum Play Issue in Youth Football

Planning for Your 2011 Youth Football Season

Planning for Youth Football in March
While many of us see the football season as way off in the distance and are maybe coaching youth baseball, basketball of even lacrosse, what should we be doing in March in preparation for the 2011 season? The first thing is if you have yet to send out your attaboy letters to last years team, it’s not too late. These personalized letters tell the player you appreciated his efforts and let him know he is a valuable part of the team. You can personalize it a bit by recalling some of his better experiences with the team last season and of course include a call to action of having him sign up to play next season.

Other things to do now:

Inventory and repair coaching gear

Plan a Summer or Spring coaching clinic

Plan a Summer or Spring players camp

Design and plan a Speed and Agility ข่าวบอล Program and camp

Actively recruit assistant coaches

Attend coaching clinics

Develop that key mentor coaching relationship with a star coach in your area

Do an inventory and assessment of the coaching skills you want to improve upon

Attend clinics or buy DVDs or books to improve said skills

Write down a preliminary depth chart based on returning roster

Determine strengths and weaknesses of returning team

Determine if existing schemes are the best fit for returning team

Send an e-mail to your roster or signups letting them know you haven’t forget about them- share news

Upload your last seasons game films to Hudl and do an analysis of last years season

Get proficient using the simple to use Hudl tools, make some play groupings to send to your players

If you need players and are allowed to recruit, strategize and develop your player recruiting plans, the time to recruit players is right now if you are allowed to. We are big fans of recruiting any warm blooded male in the area that is in the age grouping

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